Taking your holiday home to a different location

Can’t decide whether to hire a campervan or rent a holiday cottage?

Obviously, we are biased, but we firmly believe the benefits of a campervan holiday far outweigh those of hiring a holiday cottage.

Hiring a motorhome from Zoom Motorhome Hire Scotland is similar to renting a holiday cottage but what makes it even better than a holiday cottage is that you’re not stuck in one place. Below are our top reasons why you should hire a motorhome…


Pick up your motorhome and you’re free to go wherever you wish. Wake up in a different location with a different outlook every morning!


If you find a place you really like there’s nothing stopping you from spending as much time there as you like. Equally if you find a place you don’t particularly like you can just move on. There are no limits!


Having the freedom and flexibility to roam in a camper can only result in one thing…ADVENTURE! Don’t forget, the journey to each destination is also part of the adventure.


Motorhome holidays are a great way to reconnect with family and the great outdoors. So many of us have such busy schedules, relaxing family time can be rare.

A week away in a campervan can provide you with just the ticket to reconnect with each other and explore nature. Leave the tech to a minimum, take a book with you, raid the games cupboard in a Zoom Motorhome and get out in the fresh air.

Weather not looking so good? Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes!

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Go where you want when you want. Climb a Munro one day, visit a whisky distillery another. A motorhome holiday creates endless opportunities for spontaneity.

The choice is yours!

Did you know a city break is even possible in a motorhome? Most cities have campsites just near the outskirts so you can easily use public transport to get into the centre.

And in Scotland you don’t even have to stay in a campsite. There are plenty of overnight parking places & with more and more European “Aire” style stopovers popping up throughout Scotland, the choices are endless. Just please remember to adhere to the Scottish outdoor access code, leave no trace and respect protect and enjoy.

Airport Hell

To avoid the summer Airport chaos book a motorhome holiday instead. Just look what Zoom Motorhome Hire have on offer and don’t forget, we include everything you need for a luxury  as standard in our prices!

Where should you go?  Wherever you want! You decide.

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