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#Respect Our Countryside

A common myth states that thanks to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, in Scotland wild camping with your motorhome is allowed. But actually this law only applies to “lightweight camping”, which does not include motorhomes.
However, all is not lost, there are plenty of sites available if you plan in advance and know where look - read on to find a list of useful websites which provide listing of where you can park for the night without breaking the law.

When in Doubt:
It can often be unclear, particularly in National Parks or forests. When in doubt, simply check! A quick search on Google can reveal the rules regarding a particular area, or lead you to a phone number where you can check.

Respect the Space:
Pick up all litter, do not damage your surroundings. The old saying goes; leave only footprints and take only photographs! Take special care to leave no litter nor pollution, and please, please, please, consider your noise pollution. Blasting loud music or yelling can bother nearby inhabitants or disrupt the wildlife, so keep it down, especially after 10pm.
A rule of thumb for most wild campers is to arrive late, leave early!

There are many resources which make it easy for motorhome enthusiasts to find the perfect place to stay. See the list of the most useful websites to locate motorhome stops in the UK below: