Our Green Tourism Policy

Our mission…

To promote sustainable campervan and motorhome tourism in Great Britain.

At Zoom motorhome Hire we’re passionate about what we do and the country we live in however, we are also focussed on climate change and what we can do to help the current climate situation. Working in collaboration with Green Tourism we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our Green Tourism accreditation.

You may ask why and how…. We certainly didn’t think a motorhome hire company was very climate friendly, however we did our homework and discovered that it is far more green than flying anywhere, yes anywhere! And what’s better, you can travel at your own pace and visit as many or as few places during your holiday as you wish.

We want to share the beauty of our country while travelling responsibly and with respect. As a travel company we want to do our bit to preserve the world we live in because we are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

Our Objectives:

  • To Promote / encourage motorhome holidays in the UK as a more sustainable way to have a holiday.
  • Advocate responsible motorhome travel in the UK.
  • To be as environmentally friendly as possible with our business practices and products by monitoring resources such as water, energy and chemicals.

Our Targets:

  • Make our commitment to green tourism clearly visible on our website, social media and in our motorhomes.
  • To renew our vehicles every 2 years in line with government climate change regulations.
  • Encourage our customers to explore what’s on their doorstep.
  • Install chemical free toilets in all our motorhomes.

How will we achieve this?o

  • Our vehicles are compliant Euro 6 diesel engines reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Provide litter pickers for our customers to recycle rubbish whenever possible.
  • Supply green chemicals to break down waste and chemical free washing up liquid.
  • Encourage our customers to shop local and support local businesses as much as possible.
  • Go paperless wherever possible, for example we use DocuSign for our terms and conditions and request all documents digitally.
  • Provide bamboo toilet roll and bamboo mattress protectors.
  • Our motorhomes are provided with complimentary gas BBQs.
  • And finally, in case you forget your toothbrush we even provide bamboo ones too!

So we ask all customers to “respect, protect and enjoy as well as familiarising themselves with the Scottish outdoor access code: